ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G15 The main reason why the G15 ranks higher than its predecessor is because it is an upgrade to all that made the G14 and also an improvement when you consider that the keyboard backlighting issues.

ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G14 Zephyrus G14, too many game heads, would still stand undisputed as the number one gaming laptop for 2022 even and this is not just about sentiments, Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 packs the best gaming performance for a portable 14-inch display

ALIENWARE M15 R4 The design on this beast of a gaming laptop is incredible; you just got to fall in love with it. The white chassis design and build are premia, you rest assured that you would be playing with this monster for years to come and the keyboard is very much comfortable when in use.

RAZER BLADE PRO 17 The Razer Blade gaming laptop is all about the size, it comes featuring a massive 17-inch display, you must be thinking this is going to be a big butted, heavy animal, but this is where it excelled.

DELL G5 15 SE Dell G5 I5 doesn’t look flashy; it can even pass for your usual laptop. But this device from Dell is the top gaming laptop for its price out there.

ACER PREDATOR TRITON 500 Perhaps Acer aimed at cannibalizing the competition that was why Triton 500 was named predator because this gaming machine packs one of the most impressive displays and specifications.

ALIENWARE AREA-51M Now this laptop is huge and heavy but there’s a good reason for that, a reason that if you can look past it, then you are in for a PC-level laptop gaming experience, did I just give a spoiler?

RAZER BLADE 15 ADVANCED Blade 15 has a futuristic design, it’s sleek and slim, but it packs powerful specs and a rugged-looking body, it’s sure to serve you for a long while without taking much physical damage.