Samsung Note 10 Plus

What you need to know about Samsung Note 10 Plus



Samsung Note 10 Plus is a premium flagship phone and one of the gorgeous nice looking phones especially the Aura color will make you go wow when you see it the first time.

Samsung  Note Plus 


Samsung Note 10 Plus has a super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 3040 which gives you sleek-looking visuals.

Samsung Note 10 plus Camera

Note 10+ has 5 cameras that produce crystal clear and stunning images. All the four different cameras in the back combine to form nice-looking images.

The gigantic 12 GB RAM in the Samsung note 10 plus provides more than enough power to run multiple applications and high-end games.

Samsung Note 10 plus

Samsung Note 10 plus Storage

Samsung Note 10 Plus comes in two storage variants 256 GB and 512 GB which is more than sufficient for the average user.