5 Great New Features For Android Mobile Phones in 2022

With all of the excitement of the new year, there’s more in store in 2022 with the new features that are going to be available for mobile phones.

Bluetooth in Airplane Mode

1. Bluetooth A2DP is connected, or 2. Bluetooth Hearing Aid profile is connected

Snapdragon 865 and 5G

With the Snapdragon 865 chipset, 5G is part of the package. Yes, the phone will require the Qualcomm X55 modem, but 5G is set to become more and more widespread

3D Sonic Max

The new Snapdragon 865 uses a new feature called 3D Sonic Max—a larger-than-ever, in-screen fingerprint reader that uses sound waves to unlock your phone.

ID on Your Android Phone

Qualcomm and Google have teamed up to make it so you can keep identification, such as driver’s licenses on your phone. 

Spectra 480

The new image processor, Spectra 480, which comes with the Snapdragon 865 works at 2 gigapixels a second. They say it is very power efficient while being very fast.