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Best Video Editing App To Edit Videos On The Go

With the advent of technology, especially the evolution of mobile phones, there has been a steady rise in the way we do many things. Gone are those days when you would need a computer and a strong video camera to edit, trim or manipulate your videos. 

Nowadays mobile phones are strong and efficient enough to help you manipulate your videos accurately and it’s even more fun using your phone as you can instantly get a video, or record a video with your mobile phone camera and immediately edit it using any video editing app on the go.

Not just that, social media interactions like Instagram, Facebook, youtube that require you to upload short videos to share with friends, loved ones, and the world as a whole require that you have a device that lets you do all these as quick as possible and with minimal stress and resources.

Now the question arises, what app would be most suitable for me to use in editing my videos, considering there is a myriad of such apps out there? This article is prepared to help you solve that dilemma. So read on as we break down the best video editing apps on the mobile platform.


This amazing app lets you do all your video manipulations and more, it is truly a multipurpose app. it doesn’t just cut, edit your videos, it allows you to add music to your videos, add text, stickers to your videos, you can crop your videos and edit your videos for youtube. 

Vivavideo app also has features that allow you to merge video clips to make a longer video, you can even make a video from your pictures with high quality, up to date free music and these songs’ volume could be adjusted to perfectly fit the video you want to make and you can add effects and transitions to these videos.

you can use this rich-featured video editing app to make free Tik-Tok videos that will have songs and lyrics in them.


With Vivavideo, you could also create blurred backgrounds for your videos and your photos, this feature is especially handy if you want to impress your friends on Instagram, Tik-Tok, or Youtube with outstanding videos. You feel like a professional video maker when you use Vivavideo.


Filmorago is an easy-to-use and practical video editing app that even experienced film directors will find interesting and handy. It doesn’t just let you create or edit videos, it also has features that let you also beautify your videos as you can apply all kinds of color filters to make your video stand out.

In addition, you can also adjust the direction, speed, and orientation of the video layer as it moved from one point to the next using the app’s Keyframe animation tool.


With Filmorago, you can edit videos using over 1000 different types of music including brisk, rhythmic, healing, quiet music, etc., or you can use the music from your local storage, giving you a high level of flexibility.

It also supports reading your local music, extracting music from a video and you can also record your voice over a video that you are making while using this video editing app. Filmora also offers you a variety of styles of fonts to help create beautifully made subtitles.

Best Video Editing Apps - FilmoraGo

This app is loaded with amazing features, imagine that you can add multiple texts to photos and videos, allowing you to make mass editing effects. Talking about effects, Filmora lets you add glitches, flames, split-screen, VCR to list just a few to your videos, making it fun to edit and create videos. It is an app that makes you feel like a professional when editing your videos.


Imagine creating a video with just a click of a button on your mobile phone and you can then instantly upload it to your favorite social media platform, that is the freedom and access that the Quik video editing app grants you, one tap instantly transforms your video into a sharable one, then you choose one of the ever-expanding Quik themes to make your videos beautiful, then if you want, you could add some unique effects, transitions and music to make your video as unique and interesting as you’d like.

Quik video editing app also comes with a feature called Mural. Mural lets you have all your favorite videos, photos, and memorable moments right at your fingertips to revisit them whenever you like. Mural provides a unique and fluid new way to interact with those moments that are memorable and resonating to you. 

With GoPro originals, the Quik video editing app lets you add royalty-free music tracks to your videos it also has quick-exclusive filters, with this you could tweak videos taken in environments that have snow or water in the background for optimized video output.


At the root of it all, manipulating videos is all about having fun and this is the approach KineMaster adopted with a powerful video editor, imagine that you could reverse a video, make it play backward, wouldn’t that be amazing? 

And apart from the fact that you could add music, add sound effects, and the likes, this video editing app lets you change voices in your videos, isn’t that cool? And in case you are wondering what else does this amazing app have to offer? Well, it is my pleasure to inform you that KineMaster is an online store, KineMaster Asset Store. Where you could download thousands of transitions, stickers, effects, fonts, animations, etc. 

Best Video Editing Apps - KINEMASTER

In addition to all that, the KineMaster video editing app can enhance your videos, how do you do this? There are color adjustment tools that you can use to correct and enhance videos and images. It has some equalizer presets and volume controls for better audio output and you can save your videos in 4K 2160p at 30FPS.


With the Funimate video editing app, you are not just creating or manipulating videos, you are among a community for users like you where you can participate in challenges and you stand a chance to get featured to grow your fan base and followership. 

Best Video Editing Apps -FUNIMATE

But that’s not the only feature this video editing app has to offer though, it lets you also add lyrics with neon light effects and other amazing fonts to your music.  The app also boasts some amazing effects like slow motion, reverse, and over 100 other advanced video effects to help edit your video creatively. You don’t stop exploring with the Funimate video editing app.


You know Adobe never disappoints when it comes to delivering feature-rich applications and Adobe Premiere Rush is no exception, when you are creating videos using the app, you are creating videos that look and sound professional, imagine you want to make a video presentation for a job or an audition, you wouldn’t want your video looking clumsy and disorganized, would you?

This amazing video editing app lets you access the best features for editing videos and you can upload your videos right from the app itself. It’s an app that’s made for sharing.

Best Video Editing Apps -ADOBE PREMIERE RUSH

Its drag and drop function lets you arrange your audio, videos, images as you like them, you can adjust the video speed of your app and also enhance the color with the app’s intuitive presets and customization tools.

Adobe Premiere video editing app comes loaded with thousands of original royalty-free soundtracks, sound effects, and loops to help you create videos that will easily stand out. You can also create pan and zoom effects for images with just a click.


We included this video editing app because it offers one feature that the rest of the video editors on this list do not possess, yet. And that is cloud function. Now how does this cloud function work? Before you can start editing your video, you have to first upload it to the app’s cloud function, and after editing the video, you then download it back to your phone storage.

You might be thinking that it is a waste of resources, but this way you can keep both your files safe and intact in case something happens to your phone and you are unable to recover your files. So this video editing app creates some kind of cloud storage backup for your video files. And it integrates seamlessly with google drive.

Best Video Editing Apps - WEVIDEO

And when it comes to features, the Wevideo editing app does not disappoint at all. You can arrange your video, music clips, etc however you like, you can then choose a theme, music that you like from the app, or your phone’s local storage. The video editing app also features some eye-catching texts, transitions, voiceovers, etc


Ever heard of frame grabber? Vidtrim video editing app lets you extract images from a video, that’s what the frame grabber feature is all about. There are plenty of features on this amazing video editing app, that once you get it installed, you are going for a video editing adventure with tons of ideas and creativity to explore.

Vidtrim can let you extract audio, which is converted to MP3, you can transcode video, that is compress and convert it to MP4, then you could easily share these videos to friends and loved ones straight from the app.

Vidtrim video editing app even gives you numerous language choices, so you don’t get lost using the app if you are not an English-speaking person, you can even join multiple videos into just one video clip with this awesome app. Additionally, it creates its specific folder in your phone storage for easy location and it comes with amazing effects that let you beautify your images and videos to your taste.


With Androvid, it is like you have that very video right in your bare hands and you are practically tearing it into pieces, rejoining it, removing its soundtrack, and adding another one, that is how easy it is to use this awesome video editing app.

It trims and cuts videos very fast without undermining its quality at all, you get back the same file you edited in terms of quality, this is possible because ensures there’s no re-encoding while you had your hands all over the video.

And just as you can remove unnecessary part(s) of a video, you can also join the video up with another video, you can add texts, emojis to your videos, you can adjust the video volume. The music volume and you can even mute the sounds, whatever you want to do with the video, Androvid editing app gives you the power and freedom to do it.

You can adjust the transparency and color of the video, you can draw any shape on the video with your hands, and you can apply stunning color effects to make your video stand out.

To make your videos fit any social media upload requirements, Androvid lets you adjust the video’s aspect ratio without cropping the video and you can join up to 9 photos into a beautiful photo collage.


If you are the impatient type like me, that wants to upload a video right on the spot without wasting too much time editing the video, then the Magisto video editing app is just perfect for you.

It lets you do all you want to do with 3 easy steps and it gets out of your way, not interfering with your sharp work with an over-bloated user interface.

Best Video Editing Apps - MAGISTO

Magisto boasts an artificial intelligence that smartly helps you in editing your media, adding amazing graphic effect, filters, and music that particularly suit the kind of story you are trying to portray with your video. And there are also piles of ready-made templates that you can just pick from depending on the occasion or event.


When it comes to choosing the video editing app that particularly suits one’s taste and preference can be a time zapping exercise, and the indecision that it breeds can make the whole experience as frustrating as that whiney girlfriend. But you can rest assured that choosing any of the listed apps above would surely let you create your videos and other media beautifully, and you would have a whole world of fun and experience as you keep exploring deeper into these apps.

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