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Wearables Gamers will go wild over

Wearables make us feel our games in other places than our hands and fingers. With a twitch of the foot or a move of the wrist, your game is all around you. We’ve got some wonderful wearables for gamers to get hyped about.

Pokémon Go Plus…A Wearable That Makes You Safer While You Play

If you play Pokémon Go, I’m sure you’ve heard there’s a new device out there, Pokémon Go Plus. It will have you looking up from your phone while you play. It attaches to your wrist, or you can buy a keychain that attaches to it. When you come upon a Pokémon or a Poké Stop, the LED light flashes and it vibrates. Everyone’s collecting items at Poké Stops. It’s easy to get them with the Pokémon Go Plus. Just press the button and it picks up the items for you and puts them in your inventory.

The Pokémon Go Plus flashes green when you meet a Pokémon. It flashes yellow when you meet a Pokémon for the first time. When you want to catch a Pokémon, press the button to throw a Pokéball. How do you know if you have caught the Pokémon? The LED light will flash and it will vibrate to let you know you were successful.

It’s a popular device and can be hard to find. I found them on Amazon.com and eBay.com.

The Bcon…Gaming Wearables on Another Level

With a simple move of your foot, you can produce keyboard combinations in your favorite pc game with the Bcon. You can set 24 different key combinations to different movements of your foot. It’s quick and easy to map the key combinations and calibrate the device. The Bcon has won awards and works with any game that uses a keyboard.

It’s wireless, which means it uses Bluetooth. You’ll need to use a computer with Bluetooth. To save battery life, it has a pause function if you leave the game. The Bcon’s LED light changes color when the battery is low. If there is a natural foot movement, you can move your foot 5 degrees without starting a command. It will vibrate when a command starts.

If you’ve ever wanted another hand to send commands with, try the Bcon and use your foot instead. You’ll have an advantage over your friends!

Oculus Rift S and the World of Virtual Reality

The Oculus Rift S is the latest VR gaming system from Oculus, but it’s not a true Oculus Rift 2. It’s a VR headset and comes with 2 touch controllers. Feelings are mixed about whether it’s better than the Oculus Rift or not.

The single LED screen with 1280 x 1440 is a definite step up from the Rift’s 1200 x 1080 dual OLED screens. However, people seem to be unhappy about the Oculus Rift S dropping the refresh rate to 80Hz. The original had a 90 Hz refresh rate. The lower refresh rate could give people who are more sensitive to motion sickness problems.

The old over-the-ear headphones were also traded for speakers in the headset. You can use your own headphones if you choose. The Oculus Rift S is not wireless. You are connected to the computer with a USB cable. However, you will not take up all of your USB ports now. There aren’t any more cables attached to cameras. You don’t set up cameras around the room. The headset has the Insight system. It uses cameras that are built right into the headset. There are 5 cameras: 2 on the front, 1 on each side, and 1 on the top of the head.

The system comes with 2 touch controllers. They are different from the old controllers and cannot be used with the old system. They each have thumb and finger buttons, as well as thumbsticks. There are several possible positions for the hands-on touch controllers. The touch controllers use batteries. They are not rechargeable. The tracking ring is on the top this time, not the bottom. They are light and easy to use. They are a great part of the system.

The Oculus Rift S has good points and bad points, but it is a higher-end VR gaming device. It will have games that are made just for it. It works with the older Oculus Rift games. It’s not an Oculus Rift 2, but it’s something newer.

Wearables make our games better. With them, we lose ourselves a little more in our games. Whether they enhance the gaming experience or help us get ahead, we want them. We love trying something new and we love the thrill of the game.

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