Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Wireless Charging Alarm Clocks: A Few Options You Can Never Miss

Imagine your Samsung phone having a bed that it sleeps on like you. And just as you wake in the morning feeling fully recharged, so also pick up your phone from its “bed” and it’s fully charged and ready to go. That’s the efficient beauty of wireless charging alarm clocks. Here we take a look at some of the best wireless charging alarm clocks money can buy and their amazing features.

iHome – Dual-Alarm Clock With Wireless Qi Charging

iHome is a full-featured wireless charging alarm clock with USB, so while you can boost up your latest Samsung phones and other compatible devices with its Qi wireless charging, you can simultaneously charge other devices like your smartwatch with the USB. iHome is a dual alarm clock, so you can set up two alarm settings on the device.

iHome wakes you soothingly with a low sound that steadily rises, giving you that wakey feeling. The Bluetooth speaker is powerful, especially when used inside a room and it connects easily with devices, so you can play music and make calls without having to pick up your phone.

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Dreamqi Wireless Charging Dual Alarm Clock with Bluetooth

Dreamqi wireless lets you sleep without the burdens of having to wake every minute to check on your watch. With its super large LCD screen that lets you dim on three levels, you can easily half glance at the time without hurting your sleepy eyes.

Happily, also, it frees you from the wired burden as you don’t need to fumble around at night for charging cables for your phone, you just place your phone on the alarm clock and you can go have a comfortable snooze while on your phone. Dreamqi is also a wireless charging alarm clock with a Bluetooth speaker with great sounds and easy to pair capability.

Luv Wireless Charging Alarm Clock 

With its white JUMBO LED Display, the iLuv wireless charging alarm clock beautifully displays time clearly, and you can likewise dim the display’s brightness to your liking. This is not just what it is capable of, you can set two alarms to wake you at a separate time, instead of an alarm clock continually waking you every 3 minutes. With its standard Qi wireless charging, you just place your phone on top of the device and your phone starts charging.

 You could use its USB port to charge up other devices using a USB cable all at the side of the bed. The iLuv wireless charging alarm clock also has a digital FM radio for your listening ears, it allows you to save up to 10 radio stations. You can comfortably fall asleep while listening as the device can shut itself off with the auto-off sleep timer.

Altec Lansing Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Altec wireless charging dual alarm is a full option. It comes in handy with a stereo Bluetooth speaker that lets you blast your favorite tracks at top volume, you could as well switch over to your top choice radio station and listen to the latest songs and gossips. While you charge your phone with its wireless charging capability, you could also pick up calls hands-free with the Altec onboard mic, while charging your Samsung devices, all at the side of your bed.

 For non-wireless devices, the wireless charging dual alarm clock has 3 USB charging ports for such and it is equipped with NFC for Android device pairing. While looking at the LED display for time, you could also check temperature either in °F or °C. The dual alarm also lets you set different alarms for different waking periods. You could set one to wake you during the week at a particular time, the other could wake you at a particular time during weekends, so you don’t skip that important workout. 

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Portronics Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock

There are those times you just can’t fall asleep and you need a dim-lit lamp to help you read yourself to sleep, that’s where the Portronics wireless charging alarm clock comes in handy, all you just do is click the on/off button on the wireless charging device.

It also charges that Samsung phone of yours with the latest Qi wireless mobile charging technology, so while you sleep, your phone is steadily regaining strength. Portronics wireless charging alarm clock lets you switch between the 12hrs or 24hrs timing and setting your easy is as simple as just hitting the +/- buttons on the wireless charging alarm clock.

Wireless Charging Alarm Clock
Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Sony Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

There are just those of us that will just not wake without a sudden heavy buzz. The sony charging alarm clock gives you this option. You could either prefer to wake up to a radio station streaming as your alarm, or you could set it to wake you with a buzz. And for light sleepers, the gradual sounding alarm clock is rather ideal. Moreover, the device doesn’t just wake you from sleep, it also helps you fall asleep with soft nature sounds.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a dual alarm clock, you could set your alarm to different times or for separate reasons without compromising the initial alarm setting. Sony charging comes packed with a capable backup battery, so your alarm never misses you. Charging your devices is also easy as it comes with a side-mounted USD charging port.

Echo Show 5 Clock

This is the clock for media lovers. Echo Show 5 comes with a 5.5” display, you can learn to cook with this device as you can place it in a corner of your kitchen and watch cooking recipes. It also has voice recognition software, Alexa that listens to instructions from you tells Alexa you want to see the latest movie trailers.

Coupled with its huge display, Echo 5 gives you video calling features, you could easily join a conference or talk with friends by chopping off those carrots. It also serves to help control your smart home.


Alarm clocks are now becoming something of bedside servants, providing features and capabilities that allow us to do almost everything phone and media-related all while on our beds. Also, they help get us better, uninterrupted, and much-needed sleep.


What is the best Bluetooth alarm clock?

Picking the best Bluetooth alarm clock can be somewhat tricky, they are so many great devices in the market and some will be preferred depending on their features and customers’ tastes. Some would go for devices with long battery life, some will go for devices with voice recognition capabilities, while some just want things in their simplest form.

Do alarms go through Bluetooth?

No, alarms do not go through Bluetooth as it uses the alarm clock’s speaker.

Will my alarm go off on the Bluetooth speaker?

No, the alarm clock goes off on the alarm’s speaker. To set your alarm clock through your Bluetooth speaker, you need to connect the speaker with the alarm clock provided the latter is Bluetooth-enabled.

Does Google have an alarm clock?

No. Google does not have a dedicated alarm clock. However, you can find suitable Android apps from Google Play for this.

What is a Bluetooth alarm clock?

Picking the best Bluetooth alarm clock can be somewhat tricky, they are so many great devices in the market and some will be preferred depending on their features and customers’ tastes. Some would go for devices with long battery life, some will go for devices with voice recognition capabilities, while some just want things in their simplest form.

What is the best smart alarm clock?

There are a number of great smart alarm clocks out there, picking the best one will come down to a matter of personal preference.

How do I keep the clock face on Echo 5?

Swipe down the top screen of your Echo Show to display the quick access bar, select setting at the top right of the bar, there’s a list, tap the “Home Screen”, select “Home Screen Preferences”, look for the Rotation section and tap “Rotate Once”

What do you say to Alexa to stop the alarm?

You simply say “Alexa, stop the alarm.”

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