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Top 13 Fitness Gadgets: A guide you should never miss

Top Fitness Gadgets

A lot of people struggle with health and fitness routines. Life happens, you get busy, and fitness slowly creeps down your priority list until you’ve completely forgotten about it. Motivation and accountability can be tough to find, but using a fitness gadgets can help you keep track of your fitness progress and goals without hassle.

Everyone has varying fitness goals and preferences, so we’ve listed various modern fitness gadgets to appeal to any inclination. Consider this list of top fitness gadgets, including smart fitness companions, home exercise machines, and recovery aids to help you stay on track with your health and fitness. 

Smart Fitness Companions

Smart fitness gadgets companions have become the norm for anyone looking to modernize their health and fitness strategies. Insurance companies offer incentives for active smart fitness gadget owners, and many companies have jumped on the smart fitness wagon by creating unique wearable companions that fit various lifestyles. With so many brands and features to choose from, let us simplify the top smart fitness companion options for you. 


Founded in 2007, Fitbit is the original fitness gadgets companion company. They offer a variety of smart trackers and smartwatches to cater to every customer. With constant improvements and consistent implementation of new technologies, Fitbit products are reliable go-to fitness companions. And the best part about Fitbit is that they don’t require a monthly subscription to use their products! You can simply download the Fitbit app on any smart device and track your results. 

Smartwatches Fitness Gadgets:

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 was released in September 2020 and offered higher screen resolution and faster charging than previous devices. It also offers GPS tracking, Google Assistant compatibility, improved active zone minutes, and the ability to answer phone calls from Android devices along with the typical steps, active minutes, and sleep tracking nearly all Fitbit smartwatches provide. 

Price: $199.95

Who is this best for?: adults with Android phones

Who should pass on this product?: those who prefer Apple phones and want to answer calls on their fitness tracker.

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Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense was also released in September 2020 and is considered the most advanced Fitbit product. It includes an FDA-approved electrocardiogram feature, stress tracking technology, and blood oxygen measurements along with the typical steps, active minutes, and sleep tracking nearly all Fitbit smartwatches provide. 

Price: $249.95

Who is this best for?: adults dedicated to top fitness tracking technology

Who should pass on this product?: you’re on a tighter budget.

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Amazon Halo Fitness Gadgets

Amazon is relatively new to the fitness gadgets market. Still, they came in strong with a device that includes body fat percentage measurement, active vs. sedentary time tracking, workout intensity tracking, step tracking, sleep analysis, vocal tone analysis, and more! The body fat percentage measurement feature indicates health more accurately than weight measurement or BMI alone.

The Halo does require a membership to access the body composition, tone features, and unlimited workouts. However, non-members can still have access to step tracking, heart rate measurements, and sleep analysis. The membership also includes unlimited workout videos, meditations, and many more support features. 

The best part? Just purchasing the Halo gives you six months of free membership! That’s the most extended free membership offer on the market for top-quality fitness trackers. It also has the cheapest membership program after the free trial is over at $3.99/month. The Halo is also screen-free to help you detach from technology and avoid distractions. To use Halo, you must have an active amazon account and download the Halo app, which works on all smart devices. 

Price: $99.99 + $3.99/month membership 6 months after purchase

Who is this best for?: Amazon product lovers looking for a unique, all-inclusive fitness gadget

Who should pass on this product?: you are over 500lbs, pregnant, or have a physical disability such as missing a limb or using a wheelchair. The body composition feature doesn’t measure body fat percentage very accurately for these people, and if you are hesitant to own products that listen continuously, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, as the Halo constantly listens to measure vocal tone. 

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Apple Watch

The Series 6 is the newest and most technologically advanced Apple Watch to date. It offers blood oxygen level measurements, an ECG measurement feature, a variety of workout types, the ability to listen to music, and the ability to share activity levels with other users and compete with them. It also offers the basic heart rate, step tracking, and sleep analysis features most smart fitness include.

An Apple Watch obviously needs an Apple product to connect to and comes with three free months of Apple Fitness+. Apple Fitness+ offers more updated workouts every day vs. the limited workout library without the membership. 

Price: from $399 + $9.99/month or $79.99/year optional membership to Apple Fitness+

Who is this best for?: adult Apple device users

Who should pass on this product?: you do not own a smart Apple device or are on a tight budget.

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Exercise Machines

If you don’t have space for an in-home gym but still want the convenience of one, these exercise machines offer the full gym experience without the need for multiple machines.

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Peloton has been the leader in home-gym technology for quite a while now. Their most popular machine is the basic Peloton bike package, which allows you to try it free for 30 days after purchase. The Peloton bike isn’t just a cycling machine; it comes with a large screen that offers live spin classes and a massive library of workout classes.

You can even see your progress compared to others in the class. This workout library does come at a cost, though. Membership is required to access the workout library. If you want to check out a Peloton bike in person before purchasing, Peloton offers showroom previews nearly anywhere in the world. 

Price: $1,895 or $49/month for 39 months + $39/month membership

Who is this best for?: fans of spin classes

Who should pass on this product?: you are on a budget or can’t use a cycling machine for any reason.

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At first glance, Mirror looks exactly how it sounds, like a modern, sleek mirror. When turned on, however, Mirror becomes a video library of various exercise classes. Mirror even made the top list for Mother’s Day gifts in 2021. Mirror, which launched in 2018, is now owned by high-end fitness apparel company Lululemon after they invested $1million into the company in mid-2019.

The class library updates daily, and Mirror can even offer $40 personal training sessions using their advanced technology. You can monitor your progress and compete against others live during a class. The Mirror does have an app, but only purchasers can have access to it. Like most workout aids, Mirror requires a membership to use. 

Price: $1,345 or $42/month for 36 months + $39/month membership + optional $40 personal training sessions

Who is this best for?: families who have very little space and hate bulky workout gear

Who should pass on this product?: you are on a budget.

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Bowflex Complete Gyms Fitness Gadgets

Bowflex offers a variety of complete gym machines for various strength and resistance training. Unlike the super modern technological gadgets, Bowflex offers something a little more traditional for those trying to disconnect from screens. The complete gyms can offer 26-100 different exercises depending on the model so that you can have your whole gym in one machine. And the easiest part…no companion app to download or membership to pay for!

Price: $599 – $2,382

Who is this best for?: fans of strength and resistance training that want to disconnect from technology in the gym

Who should pass on this product?: you want something that offers more than strength and resistance exercises, and you don’t have a lot of space for a machine.

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Recovery Aids

If you’re serious about fitness, you’ll need to make sure you let your body recover after intense workout sessions. Whether it be daily runs or heavy lifting, your muscles need to recover. These recovery aid gadgets will help you recover quickly and save money on elaborate massages and physical therapy. 

Percussive Therapy Massager

Percussive therapy massagers look like drills or guns with a head attached. They provide deep tissue pain relief for fast muscle recovery. The best percussive therapy massagers offer adjustable speeds and interchangeable heads to incorporate almost any muscle. 

Price: Amazon choice- $129 but come at many different prices

Who is this best for?: those who prefer intense muscle workouts

Who should pass on this product?: you have any medical condition to do with the muscles.

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Vibrating Foam Roller Fitness Gadgets

Vibrating foam rollers have a few purposes. They can be used similarly to the percussive therapy massagers in that they soothe pain and offer a deep tissue massage. Rollers are often used in physical therapy exercises, and the vibrations enhance muscle recovery. Rollers can also be used in yoga, pilates, and other workouts to help achieve the desired pose or movement. 

Price: from $49.99

Who is this best for?: those who need muscle recovery and yoga/pilates fans

Who should pass on this product?: you do not engage in exercise that requires a roller, and you already have a device to help your muscles recover.

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Smart Measuring Fitness Gadgets

Many people often forget how important hydration is to health and fitness. Your body can only perform at its best if it is adequately hydrated. Water delivers nutrients to the body, regulates the body’s temperature, and lubricates joints. You must consume enough water before, during, and after exercise to ensure optimal health and hydration. And when you’re at your healthiest, you perform better!

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Ozmo Smart Bottles

The Ozmo Smart cups and bottles pair with the free Ozmo app and almost any fitness tracker such as Fitbit or Apple watch to ensure you get the right amount of water. By connecting to your fitness tracker, the app knows when you have just been active and has the bottle suggest more water. The more you exercise, the more water your body needs.

You don’t even have to check your phone for notifications reminding you to drink. Ozmo Smart bottles light up and gently vibrate to remind you to drink without your phone. The bottle even measures your coffee intake and can detect whether coffee or water is in the bottle! You can manually enter other drinks into the app as well. 

Price: $69.99

Who is this best for?: anyone who has a hard time drinking enough water every day or anyone interested in measuring their water intake

Who should pass on this product?: anyone not interested in measuring their water intake or who measures differently.

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Larq Water Bottle

The Larq Bottle Movement PureVis is a revolutionary water bottle that puts your health first. If you’re going to hydrate, you have to make sure the water you drink is clean. The Larq Bottle uses LED lights to purify your water and clean the inside of the bottle automatically.

It can purify the water in 60 seconds and is super lightweight to ensure you move with ease during workouts. The Larq Bottle is a perfect alternative to disposable bottles that saves time and watches out for your health. 

Price: a 24oz bottle is $78, and a 32oz bottle is $98

Who is this best for?: anyone who is sick of rewashing their reusable bottles and cares about the purity of their water

Who should pass on this product?: anyone on a tight budget who doesn’t mind washing reusable bottles after every use.

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Fitness gadgets are the perfect way to stay motivated and accountable for your fitness goals. You can use them on the go, at home, or anywhere you’d like to track your progress with ease. Which device do you have? Do you find it works well for you? What type of exercise routine does it work best for? Let us know in the comments below!

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What are fitness gadgets?

1. Fitness gadgets are devices that can be used to track your progress
2. They are often worn on the wrist or have a clip that attaches to clothing
3. Some fitness gadgets include pedometers, heart rate monitors, calorie counters, and more
4. Most of these devices use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit data about your activity levels
5. You can find out how many steps you take in a day, how much you sleep at night, and other information about yourself
6. These tools can help motivate people who want to get healthier by setting goals for themselves

What are fitness gadgets?

The best way to get in shape is by doing anything and everything. So, if you want your workout on the go or at home with minimal equipment required then there’s no better choice than a rowing machine! Plus they’re easy enough that even beginners can figure them out within minutes of trying – all while burning tons of calories without feeling too ambitious thanks to our patented ” quieter row” feature which allows the general population maximum fat loss through low-impact cardio workouts like interval training (IRT).
Examples Rowing machines, treadmills, proprietary devices—e.g., Bowflex, Dynabands, Nordic Track, Stairmaster, Thigh Master.

What is the best fitness watch?

Fitbit Charge 4.
Fitbit Charge 5.
Fitbit Sense.
Amazon Halo

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