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Top 10 gadgets made to serve specially-abled people

Top 10 gadgets made to serve specially-abled people

Technology nowadays has made a significant advancement in every field we look in. Whether it is sports, studies, entertainment, comfort, luxury, or anything else, though, it never failed to surprise us. The best part about it is it has always made our lives easy and comfortable to live in. 

Before used to travel on foot or trains, however, now everyone owns at least a vehicle, people before used to have telephones attached to wires that were difficult to carry; however, currently, we have cellphones that can be taken anywhere. 

However, technology is not only for people with good health, but it also has taken care of people with disabilities too. Around 15% of the world’s total population, which is 1 billion people, are physically challenged. And they not only face challenges during work or travel but also are unable to perform daily chores and activities. 

Some even find it eating a task that is nothing for a normal human being. However, technology and humans have also together and have made some new inventions and software that help specially-abled people live everyday, easy, and more comfortable lives than usual. These software, applications, and devices allow people with visual impairment, hand disabilities, hearing impairment, and people with other disabilities. 


Dot is a device for people suffering from visual impairment. It is a braille smartwatch that helps people with visual impairment have access to their mobile phones. You can easily have access to all the notifications that your mobile phone receives. Dot has all the necessary and standard functions of a smartwatch and also has access to features that will help blind people access their phones. 

The watch can be connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth. Not only this, but you can also connect any other device or equipment such as speakers, ear pods even if your watch is connected to your phone. You can read your notification, set up an alarm, time, date, stopwatch, pick up calls, deny calls, etc. the smartwatch is readily available online. This will guide you to the routes that you are going through so that it would be easy for you to travel. 

You can also ask the device about today’s weather so you do not get suffer afterward. This device is one of the best devices for people suffering from visual impairment. 

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Finger reader

Except for reading mobile phone notifications, people with visual impairment also have to read usually, and they can’t carry a dotted script or prepare it wherever they go. So to make it easier for them, a new device called a finger reader was invented. 

It is a ring-like device that the person can wear on their finger, and it will read everything that is shown to it. It has a camera fitted in it that will read out loud every word that is offered to it. It makes it easy for blind people to work and live everyday life like ordinary people. The device helps these physically challenged people to make their suffering their strength and also help them be independent. 

The device also notifies the reader about when it is at the starting of the para or when it is at the ending or the last word. In case the reader is pointing the device far from the word, it will vibrate and tell the reader the right direction. The inventors of the device are also planning to update the software of the device so it will also be able to translate the text to any language the reader would ask for. This is to ensure more success for people like these.

Sesame phone

Imagine a smartphone that can be operated just by moving your head! Sesame phones are a special kind of smartphone for people who do not have arms or can not use their hands. You can use these smartphones without touching them only by your facial expression. You can enable the sesame app on your mobile phones for more convenience and command ‘open sesame’ to your mobile phone. 

You can unlock your mobile phone using the face recognition feature in mobile phones and move the cursor or screen from your facial expression. For instance, if you want to move the cursor to the left, turn your head leftwards, and the cursor will move leftwards. 

The software is available on phones but can also be used on tablets, pads, computers, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. The company made this gadget to help people live and usually work like other people. Their disability should not be an obstacle to their success. This app has helped to transform the life many mobility-impaired people.


Uni is a device that helps deaf people communicate with other people. Suppose a deaf person is talking to any person who is unable to understand sign language. In that case, they won’t be able to communicate because the deaf person won’t be able to hear what the other person is saying the other person won’t be able to understand what the deaf person is trying to say. And this is where the device uni helps. 

Uni is set up with two cameras in it. The first one converts the signs shown by a deaf person to animation and then artificial voice speakers what the deaf person is trying to say loudly. The other camera will transform the words of the other person into text so that the deaf person can read it and understand what the other person is trying to say. This device makes communication easy and convenient for deaf people. 


Two people can quickly jump into a conversation; even if one is disabled, they can communicate through sign language, text messages, or any other source. What if any deaf person is in a conversation. A single person can wait for the other person to understand, but a group of people won’t. This is where ava will be helpful. 

Ava is an application that will help the deaf person understand the conversation person. The device will use the microphone in each person’s mobile phone and will convert the words spoken by them into text so that the deaf person can read it and be a part of the conversation and hence won’t feel left. The best part about the application is that it will not only convert the words into text but will also clarify who said it, just like a chat room. 


Voiceitt is a device that helps people with speaking disabilities. These can be caused by various diseases like stroke, brain injury, autism, cerebral palsy, etc. It is difficult for other people to understand what the disabled person is trying to say. And hence the disabled person is kicked out of the conversation. This is where Voiceitt is helpful. 

Voiceitt is a device that understands and learns the pattern of the disabled person and understands what the disabled person is trying to say. It then turns the understood thought into a normal artificial voice, saying it loudly for the other person to understand clearly. 

The best part about the device is that it can be used or accessed in any language, whether it be English, Japanese, elvish, Hindi, french, german, or any other language. 

Be my eye

Be my eye is an application for people with visual impairment. For instance, if a blind person needs urgent help in reading anything, suppose some headlines or expiry date of anything, and he/ she does not have a device then. In that case, he/ she can use the be my eye application. 

The application connects blind people to abled people who will help them at the moment in reading or any other for the task of taking control. The best part about the application is that if a blind person connects a volunteer and he/ she is unable to pick up the call and help at that moment, the call will be forwarded to any other volunteer, but the call won’t go empty. 

The main motive of the application is only to help blind people with their daily chores tasks which can be an obstacle for them. 

Assist mi 

In case a differently-abled person is going shopping, or to working and he/ she needs some help but can not seek help from anyone, other people can not understand him/ her. In that case, he/ she will be in trouble, and that is where assisting me will be helpful for them. Assist mi is an application that will connect the physically challenged person to the nearby volunteers who are willing to help them in anything for nothing. 

The volunteer is supposed to come to the exact location of the physically challenged person. Assist mi also provides a GPS location of the disabled person so that the volunteer can easily reach the exact location. The application’s actual motive is to help the differently-abled person when needed via video call or internet but in person too.

As for map

People with some disabilities also find it challenging to travel around for daily chores and regular activities. They never know if the place they are visiting will be a good experience for them or worse. They can meet with an accident at any time. Due to these problems, many prefer not to step outside. However, technology has played its role here too. 

As the map is a mobile application that both ordinary and physically challenged people to use. People can visit places and add reviews and ratings about the locations for physically challenged people. This will help a specially-abled person know if they should visit the area; it is safe for them or will be comfortable once visited. 

The axis maps also mention locations with wheelchair ramps, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, and washrooms for the sake of physically challenged people. The application helps people travel safely and comfortably. 


Liftware is an organization that is made to help people with hand disabilities. People who can not use traditional tools because of their sufferings which include spoons, forks, bowls, glasses, mugs, cups, etc. Litware provides leveling handles on such tools to make it easy for such people to balance and handle such equipment during daily chores and activities. 

The technology in software studies and understands the tremor the user is suffering from .two motors attached to the handle move in different directions and ensure that the grip is stable, so the user won’t find it challenging to eat. 

Liftware is a significant invention for people suffering from such disabilities; it helps them live everyday life like everybody else. Many out of these people are youngsters and teenagers, due to their disability, many commit suicides, and many have a low level of confidence which is not a good sign. Also, they are not treated well by their mates and are usually left out. 

Therefore software is a significant invention for people like these. It makes them self-dependent and helps them build confidence in themselves. 


These are some of the tech devices and applications that help a differently-abled person in different ways. Not only for daily chores and activities, but some might also help in work and travel, which is a dream for many physically challenged people. As companies do not hire them due to their disabilities which become an obstacle in their career and happiness. 

All the inventions made by humans to date have always made our work easier and so do these devices. These are some of the devices and software which are significant for specially-abled people in our society. Though they are disabled but are a part of the society, we live in. 

We all should make sure that they should not feel left out if we live, study, or work with any. They shouldn’t go through unnecessary trauma for something they didn’t ask for. Their disability should not be a reason for their unsuccessful career or stress.

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