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The post-COVID-19 world: There will be quite a few phoenixes


While writing this post, The United States has toppled China from the no 1 spot, with Italy being at no 3, Spain at no 4, and Germany at the 5th spot. Sadly, for me and everyone in the world now, this is not the Olympic Medal tally. The Olympics, in fact, are not going to take place in this leap year. This is the most frightening list of our time; it is the list of Coronavirus victims across the world as of 27 March 2020. The virus has crippled our life, leaving a devastating impact on the lives of billions around the globe. Humanity faces the challenge of existence. Quite like any novel of Michael Crichton or James Rollins, COVID-19 tries to annihilate mankind or cause permanent damage to our psyche.

The desperate time it is. So, does it call for desperate measures? No, not all. It is the time to be more resilient, better planned, and of course, stay cautious. The magnitude of the problem at hand is gargantuan. No doubt, the human race never faced any situation like this in its entire history. With 3.4% mortality, COVID-19 can and may cause serious damage to everything we have envisioned. Nevertheless, when we produce cure and vaccine and the virus becomes less and less potent, we all will rise again. As the dust settles, people will desperately try to bring their life back to the pre-coronavirus state. Tomorrow or the day after or sometime in the near future, we will try to go back to our immediate past.

So, what will happen as we try to roll back to normalcy?  Well, socially and economically, we will undergo a paradigm shift. For instance, we will no longer crave not-so-necessary things in our life. Some of us will be depressed; some will become extra-cautious. For the majority of people, economic burdens will be overwhelming, which eventually (and very surprisingly) may give rise to altruism. This is because if we refer to our history, the human race learned some lessons after every major disaster. We will become wiser. The very first things we will do – look for tools, means, and ways to make ourselves and the people around us more secure and healthy. Thus, at that point in time, evolving technologies capable of offering things that we want will be in great demand.

Technology to provide information

Enough of fake news and deep fakes. People will look for authentic and helpful information that will eventually help them on the physical, psychological, and economic fronts. During the post-COVID-19 period, the world will start seeking anything that may avoid another coronavirus. Naturally, the demand will be for:

Security technology

In the coming time, security will be a major concern for everyone. In the name of security, anything and everything will be sold provided that the sales pitch is right. As I mentioned above, altruism may grow in people but at the same time, there will be a surge in mistrust, crime, and people’s tendency to take shortcuts to financial gains. To prevent all these, people will need smarter security solutions provided by technologies. The world will need security solutions for:

Predictive analysis

One field will never be so relevant! People will definitely resort to new-age fortune-telling or astrology – in the business, economy, job, and healthcare, and in everything else. What will happen? This will remain the top question for the next several months and years, if not decades. Predictive analysis powered by Big-data models and artificial intelligence will be relied upon to act as the soothsayer. So, if you are a company that already into big data and you also happen to develop AI-driven data models, start planning for hiring, setup, and servers, and so on. Big bucks on their way!

Health monitoring and care

GM is going to make ventilators, else Mr. Trump will prosecute them. Like GM, there will be companies producing a lot more healthcare and monitoring equipment. Now, they are the top layer of the industry that will be serving governments and super-big hospital chains. But, the demand will also come from micro-hospitals, clinics, doctors, and of course, individuals. People will buy all sorts of medical equipment, healthcare products, and whatnot! “Why should I buy a car when I can buy a ventilator?” Believe me, it will be a Frequently Asked Question. On a serious note, demand will surge as companies will invest more in rolling out newer health care products.

Supply chain management (SCM)

SCM will be redefined. New studies will take place; better software applications will be developed; technologies will be used to locate and manage supplies; tracking devices will be used, and alternative ways to manage chains will be implemented. In a nutshell, people may not want to experience the same scarcity being witnessed now. If you are an application development service provider, it’s time to think of an innovative and cost-effective supply-chain-management solution.

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Remote servicing and DIY

We will cease to be less dependent on others. People will become more active and seek practical information on many things, especially healthcare. Physical visits will become less frequent and people will be more inclined towards using online interactions for doctors, trainers, care professionals, and even beauticians! Interactive and remote sharing platforms like Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting Teamviewer, etc., along with a host of other similar service providers, will be in demand. Online teaching will be a new craze.

Well, I thought I would write more. But the continuously aggravating situation, desperation in people to fulfill the daily need for food, the plight of numerous individuals suffering across the globe, uncertainties among those who are locked down, and sheer indefatigability of healthcare workers and essential service providers are together invoking mixed feelings.

Therefore, by the time you read this, I hope the logarithmic graph of COVID-19 victims will start showing flatness.

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