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Everything You Need To Know About Android Smart TV

For many people, the word ‘Android’ is widely known as an Operating System for many Smartphone brands. But the truth is, Smartphones are not the only thing that Android was built for. In 2014, Google introduced Android TV. The in-built system allows streaming Smartphone App features in Smart TV without any change. This introduction was the breakthrough in modern technology. Thanks to Google now we have an Android Smart TV. 

What are the features and specifications of Android Smart TV? 

Unlike other Smart TVs, Android Smart TV has a built on OS which allows its users to experience Android Play Store Apps on TV. With this TV, Smartphone features can be experienced on a big screen without any adjustment. Streaming content and running Apps is a normal thing with Android Smart TV. They also have a built microphone that allows the use of voice search to command different settings while streaming content on Android Smart TV. 

Like other TVs: Android Smart TV has USB and HDMI ports and you can use this TV to connect to Wi-Fi and LAN cable to stream content from the internet. They also support Gaming consoles like PlayStation and X-box. Android Smart TV is made of different technologies like OLED and LED which makes it have an amazing display. You’ll find these TV in different sizes like 32, 42, 49, 65, 73 inches, and others. Tell you what? Android Smart TV is the easiest way to enjoy Phone-TV Casting. 

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This is Why You Should Consider to Have Android Smart TV

Operate Smartphone features easily. Android Smart TV gives you the easiest way to explore Smartphone features on the wide TV screen. With built-in Android OS on these TVs, it’s not a lot of things that have changed. Due to this you can download APPs from the Google Play store and change App settings like how you used to on Smartphone. 

Stream your favorite movies and TV Shows on Netflix, watch music on YouTube and listen to your podcasts on Spotify. Another reason why you should snub other TVs to Android Smart TV is that you get different options to fulfill your satisfaction. From other Smart TV’s you’ll have options to stream different content online. But with Android Smart TV chances are, you can stream anything from different Play Store Apps like Netflix, YouTube, TED, Spotify, and others. 

Built-in Google Assistant makes things even easier than before. In case you are not familiar with the layout or you’re just amazed about how things are on Android Smart TV. And you find yourself incapable of doing what you need to do. Or, you can’t get your favorite show on Netflix or you need to search for something on YouTube but you can’t. The good news for you is, Android Smart TV is packed with Google Assistant which makes easier the searching of different things on Android Smart TV. What you need to do is to command Google Assistant on what you need to know then you wait as it will do the rest. 

With the built-in microphone, it’s just your voice to search some commands and everything will get sorted. In case you are wondering how this is works. We’ve listed some used commands on Android Smart TV.  These are “Play some jazz”, “Play”, “Pause”, “Resume” while watching music/movie. “Louder” or “Softer” for voice changes, “Open Netflix” (For example) – The App must be already installed in your Android Smart TV. Or you can ask about your favorite TV Show, “Tell me about Peaky Blinders” and others. There are many commands but these few show how things are easy on Android Smart TV. 

Link your Android Smart TV with your home network to control your home accessories. This TV can also be used to control your home accessories like AC. Linking your Android Smart TV and giving it access to control other devices may be helpful for you sometimes. Android Smart TV can perform multiple things regarding what you have on your home network. 

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What are the best-known brands of Android Smart TVs? 

The choice of which one you should go for is yours and we have no authority to interfere. What we can and always do is to recommend what we think maybe the best for you. But in reality, you are the one who knows what you want. 

Since its introduction in 2014. Several brands of Smart TV producers have adopted Android Smart TV. To mention a few, Sony, Hisense, Sharp, Philips, and One plus. There are many brands in the market but here we’ve some of the best Android Smart TVs you can go for. 

Sony Bravia XR A80j OLED. This TV is one of the best you’ll get on the market. Let me head straight on its specs. It’s found in multiple sizes, 55, 67, or 77 inches. Its screen type is OLED, it has 4 HDMI ports (2 HDMI 2.1, HDMI 2.0), Refresh rate is 120 Hz and its weight is 49.2 pounds. You’ll enjoy the amazing picture and audio quality, powerful Google TV interface, and others. 

Hisense U8G Android TV. This is another best Android Smart TV but let’s jump to its specs. You’ll find it in different sizes like 55 and 65 inches, its screen type is LCD with Quantum dot, also it has 4 HDMI ports and its refresh rate 120 Hz. It’s weighted up to 53.4 pounds.  From this TV you can’t bet on Picture quality, excellent sharpness, color, and contrast.

TCL 4-Series Android TV (S434). Another good Android Smart TV with a lot of beautiful features. Its specs are, 3 HDMI ports, available in different screen sizes from 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 inches, and more. Its screen technology is LCD but its refresh rate is 60 HZ and its weight is 60 pounds. Tell you what, this TV is one of the few in the market that you can get at an affordable price. You’ll experience amazing color quality, and for gamers, this is your take as it offers solid game performance.   

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