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Home Security Systems: 
Top Brands of 2020 Compared

Here’s a detailed look at all major brands in the Home Security market to help you determine which brand is your best choice when it comes to security features, affordability, and customer support. Keep reading for our breakdown of the best home security systems including DIY kits you can install yourself, professionally installed systems that promise to automate your whole home, and standalone gadgets too.

Professionally Installed Systems

Big names in the market like ADT and Vivint belong in this category. This category offers excellent support and professional monitoring. They were the first brands to enter the market and have been around for ages. Let’s take a look at the Pros: and Cons: of each brand.

ADT: The Most popular  option

ADT has more monitoring centers all over the United States and more experience than any other home security company. Its service and availability have made it a household name in the country. It provides compatibility with popular home automation services like Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. However, you do have to pay a pretty penny for its services. Traditionally ADT’s services have always been priced more than its rivals.


Wireless or Hardwired
Cellular and Landline Connections
Indoor Cameras
Work at Home and Away
Good Customer Service
Good Apps
Supports Integration


Minimum 3 years contract
Vivint SmartHome: Sleek equipment

The Vivint Smart Home system

The Vivint Smart Home system offers 24/7 security monitoring and remote control of your door locks, cameras, heating system, and features one of the best video doorbell solutions. Vivint is a high-end wireless system that offers same-day professional installation. They have indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera options and advanced smart home capabilities. This relative newcomer to the security game has gone all-in when it comes to combining home security and home automation. With hands-free voice control features, you can do everything from closing the garage door to turning up the heat without lifting a finger. Vivint has an option for a no-contract system.


High-end technology and equipment
Available ASAP (Same-Day Installation)
Customizable security packages
Short-term contract available
Highly-rated mobile app
Free in-home security Consultation
Home Automation.
Lifetime Warranty


Higher overall cost
Bigger up-front payment to avoid a long-term contract
Steep termination fees
Trial maybe Short
Brinks: Google Nest Integration

Three of the most reputable names in security have merged to provide a personalized, reliable and affordable home security solution. By combining Livewatch’s DIY home security systems with Moni’s professional monitoring, Brinks Home Security is striving to compete with other major names in the industry by providing unparalleled brand recognition and competitive value. The company’s system is both affordable and loaded with features. Brinks has three packages to choose from, including one that features Google Nest security equipment. You can install and test the Brinks system for one month to help you decide whether or not you like it. The 30-day money-back guarantee makes it easy to give Brinks a try—but if you cancel after the trial period, you could owe up to 100% of the remainder of your contract.

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