Best Kitchen Gadgets

Best kitchen gadgets: the most essential tools for a culinary delight

If you have tried to purchase kitchen gadgets, you will find out that identifying quality kitchen gadgets can be quite difficult. Since everyone advertises their products and states the reasons why people need them, it has become difficult to differentiate quality kitchen gadgets from inferior ones. To help you identify and purchase unique kitchen gadgets, we have made a list of 20 cool kitchen gadgets.

Bamboo Kauai Cutting board

Even though there are a lot of cutting boards available for sale,  you should go for the Bamboo Kauai cutting board. It is the best to use in the kitchen. Since it is heavy, it is stable. Even though it was made to be heavy, it is light enough to be moved and cleaned. Its portable size makes it easy to handle different cutting tasks. 

The Bamboo Kauai cutting board looks beautiful. Two beautiful colors are always combined in making one. When you look at the Bamboo Kauai cutting board from distance, you might think that it is wood. The cutting board is more of hard grass.

Cuisipro spoon set

Even though spoon sets have become expensive recently, you can still purchase a Cuisipro spoon set for a decent price. Since stainless steel is used in making them, they are quite strong. You might even find it difficult to bend one. No matter how many times you wash a Cuisipro spoon, it won’t fade. The spoons in the Cuisipro spoon set are of different sizes. You can even find one that kids can use. There is also a teaspoon included. The handles make it easy to hold and use. 

Microplane box grater

A Microplane box grater is unique and different from other graters. Unlike other types of graters, its blades are etched into the metal. That is made possible with a chemical process that helps to form sharp edges. Apart from its great performance, other additional features made Microplane box grater stand out. Its blade can be easily removed and cleaned. Since it is wide, you can clean the whole grater. The feet don’t stop the contents from piling up. That is why there is no form of clogging.

Chef’n Fresh Force potato ricer

If you love to make fluffy potatoes, you need potato rice. You will even find it easier if you’re making use of Chef’n Fresh Force potato ricer. Since the mechanism used is powered by gear, you don’t need to use your strength. Your potato will pass through the hopper easily. 

Out of all potato ricers available, Chef’n fresh force is the only one that you can operate with one hand. The handle is made of plastic. It is quite easy to hold. Chef’n fresh force potato ricer is also easy to clean. The hopper is made with stainless steel. 

Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker

Even though it is cheaper than electric pasta machines, it remains one of the most expensive pasta makers. In reality, you can find the real value of your money when you purchase Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker. It is easy to work with the knob. You can even operate it with only one hand. Since you won’t have to put down the dough while working with the Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker, you will save a lot of time. Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker is arguably the best hand-crank pasta machine that you can find anywhere. 

KitchenAid Diamond Blender

Even though the KitchenAid diamond blender is one of the most effective blenders, it is quite affordable. Since it is a five-speed model, you can use it in different ways. The components used in making KitchenAid diamond blender can be easily cleaned. You can even use a dishwasher. 

The controls are direct and easy to understand. Even if you have never operated a blender, you will find it easy to use a KitchenAid diamond blender. You can get a KitchenAid diamond blender in about 15 different colors. Some of the colors available are Boysenberry, Espresso, and Red. 

Cuisinart food processor

If you think cutting is stressful, you should consider purchasing a Cuisinart food processor. From chopping onions to slicing potatoes, you can use Cuisinart’s food processor to do a lot of things. Out of all food processors available in the market, Cuisinart is the best. It doesn’t make a lot of noise during operation. You can still hold a great conversation with someone close to the food processor. It is easy to clean and maintain a Cuisinart food processor. All its parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Instant Pot Multi-cooker

The instant pot multi-cooker was released recently. It is quite fast, intuitive, and can replace quite a few kitchen devices. Unlike the old version that uses Bluetooth, the new version of Instant pot multi-cooker uses wi-fi minimizing connectivity issues. 

No matter where you are, you can control your multi-cooker and adjust its settings. Since Wi-Fi has been used to replace Bluetooth in instant pot multi-cookers, app maintenance has been easy. It is now easy to make settings and monitor the Instant Pot multi-cooker.

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Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle

Apart from having all of the features of an electric griddle, Hamilton Beach has a lot of additional features. Its two plates are non-stick and reversible. On one of its sides, you will find flat griddles. Ridged grills are placed on the other side. It is easy to wash and clean the Hamilton Beach electric griddle. All you have to do is remove the plates. You don’t have to insert the whole electric griddle in a sink. Dishwashers can also be safely used on electric griddles. 

One-touch Rice Cooker

If you want your rice to be always delicious, you should consider making use of a one-touch rice cooker. You will always get fluffy and soft rice. Even though your rice might take a long time to be cooked, the result will always be worth the wait. One-touch is easy to operate. The labels on its buttons are easy to understand. Since it has a large size, it fits better in kitchens with a lot of space. Even though it is a little bit expensive, you will get value for your money. 

Tips on how to purchase the best kitchen gadgets

Read a lot on kitchen gadgets

There are a lot of unique kitchen gadgets. The gadget you decide to use depends on the meal you’re preparing at that moment. As some kitchen gadgets are vital in preparing all foods, some are optional. You can’t do without spoons, knives, and the likes. On the other hand, you can do without a can opener. As you can purchase the best kitchen gadgets individually, you can also purchase them in sets. 

Consider material

Fun kitchen gadgets are made with different kinds of materials. Some of the materials are wood, Teflon, and steel. When you’re purchasing pots, you should select a material that will be easy to wash. While buying spoons, select a material that won’t damage your pot while cooking. Quality also matters. You should purchase kitchen gadgets that will last for a long time. If you purchase fake kitchen gadgets, you will have to replace them frequently. 


Before you decide to purchase kitchen gadgets, you have to consider your budget. You should purchase gadgets that you can easily afford. You can even go for cheap kitchen gadgets. By buying single kitchen gadgets, you will save a lot of money. 

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Conduct research

Before you purchase a kitchen gadget, you should make enough research. While researching, you should check for the current price of kitchen gadgets and where they are sold. If you don’t conduct research, you might end up purchasing gadgets that you don’t need. You should compare different fun kitchen gadgets and decide on the right one to purchase. You can even learn a lot from cooking shows. To know about a lot of new kitchen gadgets, you should consider studying cooking magazines. 

Before you purchase a particular type of product, you should visit the internet and search for reviews. By studying the reviews, you will know the quality of the gadget you want to purchase. Buying kitchen gadgets because of referrals from family and friends is good. Since they have used the product, you can believe any review they give you. 

Create a menu

If you don’t want to end up purchasing kitchen gadgets that you don’t need, you should create a menu. By creating a menu, you will be able to identify the exact kitchen gadgets that you need. You will also know the kitchen gadgets that you already have. 

Consider your space

Before you purchase cool kitchen gadgets, you should know the amount of space that you have. You also have to consider the size of your doorway. A lot of people mistakenly purchase kitchen gadgets that are too big to fit in their kitchen.

Search for ENERGY STAR

While researching different kitchen gadgets, you might find it difficult to get the exact gadget that you want. You have to evaluate two different costs.  They are the cost of the kitchen gadget and the cost of its running. 

It is easy to identify cost-effective gadgets. You just have to search for ENERGY STAR. It is the label used to identify kitchen gadgets that last long and save energy. The label is usually included in the packaging of certain kitchen gadgets. Another thing the label signifies is that a gadget meets the minimum requirements of an environmental protection agency. 

ENERGY STAR also signifies that a gadget can be used in commercial kitchens. Even though it is not compulsory to use gadgets with the ENERGY STAR label, it is advisable to use them.  They don’t only last for a long time, they are easy to afford. 

Meet health codes

Directors don’t like when their gadgets don’t meet the required health codes. If their products are still going to be allowed for sale, they have to be proactive. Before you purchase any kitchen gadget, ensure that you know about fire, health, and other things in your area. To be on the safe side, you can even ask an inspector to follow you to where you intend to purchase new gadgets. 

Check for warranties

When you want to purchase the best kitchen gadgets, don’t concentrate on the ones that look too attractive. You have to check for fine prints. You should also conduct enough research on the product that you’re willing to purchase. Check if there are any warranties for the product. If there is a warranty, you should check for how long the warranty will last. 

There is a lot of information to know about the warranty of a kitchen gadget. You should search for who will repair your product if damaged under the warranty period. Warranties also have limitations. It is important to know when your warranty stops. Since warranties can help you save money to be spent on repair, you should consider them while purchasing kitchen gadgets. 

Start to relate with kitchen gadgets wholesalers

If you want to purchase an expensive kitchen gadget, you should interact with an expert. They will help you select a great product from a list of numerous examples. Since you can’t meet experts anytime you like, you should make efforts to get close to anyone that you know. Even if you’re not purchasing a new gadget in a long time, you should keep a good relationship with wholesalers. 

Search for additional costs

Even though you can purchase great items online, there are times you have to pay additional costs. It can be shipping costs, tax, and the likes. Before purchasing a gadget, you should search for the additional cost of different companies and compare them. The country where the gadget will be shipped also matters. 

If you’re purchasing from a company in a far country, you’re going to pay more for shipping. You should know the cost of shipping from different countries. There are even companies that ship gadgets for free. If you purchase from one of them, you will spend less.

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