Best gaming consoles of 2021

Best gaming consoles of 2021 you must know about

Are you a gaming person? Thinking of buying a gaming console? Want to know which gaming console is the best? Well, you are in the right place. Probably you would have done a bit of research on the topic and would know that top consoles in the market seem the same, and it is difficult to make a difference amongst them. And so it makes it difficult for us to make a choice.

You would have a million questions in your mind now. For instance- are there certain games that can only be played on certain consoles? What is the perfect console for me? What is the difference between the top consoles? Well, we are here to answer all your questions and are here to tell you which one is the best gaming console for you? 

Best gaming consoles of 2021

Before jumping onto the topic, here is a quick trick for you to ease the tension about which console to buy? Before searching for the best gaming soles, remember to make a list about what are the topmost things you want in your gaming console? This would help you choose the best gaming console easily. Now, let’s jump into the topic without any more delay and tell you about which gaming console is the best?

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The design of the gaming console PS4 Pro is just like its predecessor PS4; however, it would be wrong to say that it has the exact copied design. The gaming console PS4 Pro, as compared to PS4, takes way more space, and that is where the rumor about the console begins that it looks like two PS4 gaming consoles, one on top of the other.

The company did some finished work on the interior design of the PlayStation too. The play station has eight jaguar cores which are clocked at 2.1 GHz of the AMD processor. The hard drive fitted on the PlayStation has more than 500gigabytes at 1 TB as compared to the standard version of the PlayStation. Moreover, the Bluetooth and the WIFI connections of the PlayStation, the WIFI is for 802.11 ac, and the Bluetooth is Bluetooth 2.0 transmitter.

Talking about the controller of the PlayStation. Yes, the controller of the PlayStation PS4 Pro is better than its predecessor PS4. It has a dual shock controller. All the drawbacks of the PlayStation PS4 are the specialty of the PS4 Pro. The buttons of the controller are more responsive and lighter than PS4. Also, the touchpad is fitted in with a light bar which indicates which player you are?

The predecessor, PS4, had high enough performance that if you are having a 4K TV or in case you play VR games, you are going to notice a difference on the screen and the version of the game. In PS4, the process of data transfer was a lot easier as compared to PS4 Pro. However, the process was slow.

The latest version that is PS4 Pro, has improved performance and will give you the best performance on the table. It has HDR, VR GAMES, and 4K games which are flourishing every year. Also, performance improvement can affect your game in many ways. The 4k resolution is the best part about the console, making it more perfect to be purchased.

Talking about the overall performance of the console, it has some pros and cons. It has incredible improvement in performance, 1 TB hard drive, and excellent output of 4K are the pros of buying the console. No blu-ray player and 4k is not the output of all games are the cons of buying this console.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is the best PlayStation/ gaming console of 2021 for multimedia. It is a gaming console that will leave anyone in shock who will decide to try it. The Xbox One S is 40% better than its predecessor, the Xbox One. The latest model manages to break in a powerful electric supply and has a hard drive of 2TB.

The downside of buying the latest Xbox One S is that all the inside parts are separately packed, and you’ll have to arrange them in order to use the console. You may need a century and a bit of Santa magic to set it in order. Otherwise, the console is pretty cool if you successfully arrange it correctly. The console usually does not have many color options and is generally sold in white color. However, you can find different models of the console. But sometimes, you can also find other colors of console models in rare schemes.

Moreover, the successor and the latest console have a better exterior design as compared to the last console model. The physical appearance of the newest console is better than the previous one. Also, the buttons on the console are easy to press, and the charging port of the console is in the front of the console so that it will be easier for the user to charge the console. Unfortunately, the predecessor of the latest model had a Kinect port in it, but this time the newest model does not have it. You’ll have to buy the Kinect port if you wish to use it.

A third-party skin can be installed in the console, and the controller of the Xbox can also be customized, which is pretty impressive. Microsoft’s Xbox design lab program can customize the controller. The Microsoft company claims that the chip placed on the Xbox One S is the same as the last model and no change in the chip. However, the disc this time is fitted in with ultra HD blu-ray, capable of HDR and 4K.

Because of the 4k version, you can easily use Netflix, amazon video, youtube, and some other platforms on the console, which is quite good. Moreover, the grip of the Xbox One S controller is much better than the previous one. The Xbox One S is the first controller in the years to have the Bluetooth feature in it. The console controller supports a wireless antenna, so you can use it even if you are away from the tv. Also, it comes in some different color variations and some limited designs, such as the cyberpunk 2077 edition.

Talking about the overall performance of the gaming console, it has its pros and cons. The pros of the consoler are as follows- it is small compared to the last model, it has excellent 4k, and HD streaming and the price of the console is quite affordable compared to other consoles. However, the gaming capability is limited, and you’ll need an adapter to connect it to Kinect.

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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the best gaming console for hybrid gaming. The console was only made to do something unique, something which was never done before. However, the makers of the console succeeded in their task. The sales of the previous models of Nintendo Switch rose over the years as all the models released by the company were always different.

Suppose you wish to buy the Nintendo Switch console. In that case, you will find a console, two detachable consolers, a grip that will allow you to join the two consolers for more entertainment on television, two straps if you want to turn the joy-cons into controllers. This dock can be used to attach the console to the television in case you want to have traditional gameplay.

That is way too much accessory and fun in just a tiny amount. So are all the accessories given along of low quality? None of the accessories provided in the box are of royal quality and none of the low quality. You indeed won’t have any complaint about the quality of the accessory given.

Talking about the joy-cons of the console, it has many in-built unique functions; for instance, it has the A, B, X, and Y buttons for the right hand. Also, to start the game, it has a plus-shaped button, and to select, there is a minus button on the left, a share button in case you wish to take screengrabs.

If you wish to connect your television to your console, it isn’t a very long or difficult process; instead, the opposite. You have to switch on the console mode and connect the console to your television. Also, you can do this anytime without even pausing your game in between. 

The major comeback of the latest Nintendo Switch is that it is not as powerful as the other consoles like the PlayStation or the Xbox. The console does not support the 4K version, so you can not enjoy certain games and applications on the console.

If you connect it to the television, the handheld will give you 720p and will provide you with a 1080p resolution maximum. However, the console can work for you or can be stated as the best gaming console for you if you do not want the latest visual specs available in the market.

Another throwback of the switch is that there are not too many third-party titles available in it as compared to some other consoles in the competition. The wild hunt, the witcher 3, doom are available on it. However, many of these have already been set up in some previous models of other consoles.

Talking about the overall performance of the console. It has its own advantages and disadvantages; if you are wondering about purchasing them, you should definitely know about some perks and non-perks. It has a fantastic hybrid design, the console controllers are easy to use and are dynamic too, the handheld console screen of the switch is crisp are some of the great perks of buying the console. However, here are the non- perks- no VR, does not support 4k resolution on television.

Asus ROG Phone 2

Yes, a mobile phone, this time as a console. The mobile phone runs on a Qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus processor. The mobile phone can let you play some games even better than some regs in the budget as the mobile phone’s processor can reach up to 3GHz. However, not only this but many other features make the mobile phone worth buying if you are a game lover. You can also consider the mobile phone’s best gaming console if you wish to; for instance, the mobile phone has a 1Tb storage which means you can easily install multiple games on your phone simultaneously.

Talking about the overall performance of the phone, the phone can be considered a great gaming console. It has a good camera, has plenty of storage, is durable, and knows how to resist heat well.

The mobile has 6.6 inches display screen, which can project the resolution at 2340×1080, and thus you have a great hardware mobile phone for gaming. Moreover, the mobile phone has a 1ms response time, so you’ll never have to suffer during your gaming like you have to suffer on other consoles due to less or no responsive timing.

What else has the phone to offer? Well, the mobile phone runs on a battery having a capacity of 6000mAh which will last up to two days even if you play games all day. After all, the mobile phone makers do not fall apart for providing the phone with colling technology so that it doesn’t get too hot while playing. Charging the phone after a satisfactory game is accessible in the phone, all thanks to the charging slot at the side of the mobile phone and the additional charging port with a USB-C charging cable. The other port located on the mobile phone includes the SIM slot, power on/off button. Volume up/down button.

Even after all the powerful gaming features, Asus is a mobile phone. You can enjoy all the features of a great phone. For instance, the camera quality of the mobile phone is great with a 48MP, 24MP rear camera. The SIM slot has a section of NANO SIM too.

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