Android TV vs Smart TV

Android TV vs Smart TV: the tale of technology battles

The introduction of Google TV in 2010 was seen as the breakthrough of modern technology. But market failure makes Google’s expectations otherwise. After years of hardworking and designing in 2014 they came back with the Android TV. Not to mention what changes were brought by Android TV for television sets, set-top boxes, and sound-bars. Android TV has a lot to offer compared to many recent google technologies. Let’s get to know Android TV.

In simple meaning, Android TV is a Smart TV Operating System based on Android. It was developed by Google and introduced in 2014. Android TV introduction came as the successor of the commercial failure of Google TV. Android TV has a user-friendly interior design. It can integrate with recent google technologies like cast and google assistant.

Following its introduction in 2014, companies like Sony and Sharp have adopted and used it as the software glue for their Smart TV brands. Although there might be many brands of Android TV in markets, it’s not the same result you’ll get from all these brands. This is because of reasons like the pattern of designing and production, the technology used, prices, and others. Apart from the common features of Android TV, some brands may be packed with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth, while others may not.

What are the features and specifications of Android TV?

Android TV has a lot to offer compared to many recent and old google technologies. But let’s not stick to that. Android TV has an in-built system that allows you to stream from media Apps and Games. With vertical scrolling and a row-based user interface. Content discovery on Android TV is easier as they are populated with options like “Suggested contents” and “Watch now”. Android TV is another way to experience smartphone life on a big TV screen without any change. It brought you a lot of Play Store Apps of different sizes (Not all Play Store Apps are compatible with Android TV).

Android TV also supports voice assistants powered by Google Assistant. You can switch “on” and “off” your TV. Changing contents, volumes, and other settings. Android TV also has USB and HDMI ports in which their numbers can be different depending on brands and design. And of course, some might have options for LAN cable or Wi-Fi for internet connection.

Android TV is made of different technologies and for this, you may find it with OLED or LED which gives you nothing but high-quality pictures. Depending on brands, design, and prices, Android TV is available in different sizes like 32, 42, 52, and 72 inches. Android TV is the easiest way to enjoy Phone-TV casting.

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Android TV Setup: How to get started with your new Android TV?

You have got a new Android TV but you’re now wondering, “how can I make this stuff work?” First, you need to make sure that you have got a Wi-Fi internet connection and a Google account. And we’re going to use 1 of the 3 methods for Android TV Setup. Which are, by phone, computer, or Android TV Remote. Are you done with all requirements? Now, let’s get started.  

Pair the remote with your new Android TV:

Android TVs have different features based on brands and designs. This is also applied in the process of pairing Android TV with its remote. It is the first thing you’ll need to do after switching on your TV for the first time. Before pairing a remote with its Android TV, the only effect it can have on it is to switch “on” and “off” simply by IR Connection.

Now, pair a remote with your Android TV. Turn on your Android TV and you’ll see simple on-screen instructions. Follow those instructions to pair a remote with your Android TV. Once the remote is connected to the TV, the checkmark will appear on top of your screen.

Choose your preferred method for your Android TV Setup:

There are 3 options to set up your Android TV which will appear on the TV. If you’ll select Android phone or Tablet, you’ll be able to transfer account and network details from your Android phone/Tablet to your Android TV. This will be done in simple and few clicks.

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How to use an Android phone or Tablet for Android TV Setup?

When you come up with an option that, says “Quickly Setup your Android TV with your Android Phone”, use your paired remote and select “Yes”. Then open the pre-installed “Google App” and type “Set up my device”. From there, you’ve to follow every instruction on your phone until you see a code. Make sure the code you’re using is the same as that you see on your TV. Next, follow the remaining few instructions to finish up.

How to use a Computer for the Android TV Setup?

This is another simple method for setting up your Android TV. The first make sure that you have connected your computer to the same Wi-Fi connection with your Android TV. Next, when your Android TV says, “Quickly set up your Android TV with your Android Phone” use your remote to choose “skip”. While on your Android TV, you’ve to sign in via your remote and then choose “Use your computer”. After signing in to your Google account, you’ve to follow the simple for instructions to complete the setup.

How to use a Remote for Android TV Setup?

When your Android TV says, “quickly set up your Android TV with your Android Phone”. You choose “Skip”. Then connect to Wi-Fi by selecting the right one on the pop-up list. Wait some minutes for system updates then choose to sign in to your google account. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

How to use Google Assistant and Voice Search on Android TV?  

Android TV has a built-in system through which you can use a few commands to control your device via voice searches. Nowadays, Android TV remotes come with the direct button for Google Assistant or Voice search option. To activate this feature you have to press the specific button. And to make sure that the assistant hears you well. Make sure that you speak into the microphone on the remote. Some Android TVs let you summon Google assistant by commands like “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google”.

If you get stuck and find yourself unable to get your favorite show on Netflix, you cannot get your favorite music on YouTube or other challenges while using your Android TV, Google Assistant or Voice search might be of great help. We’ve listed some of the commands used by the Google Assistant or Voice search on Android TV. These are: “Play”, “Resume”, “Pause”, “Play some Jazz”. While watching something, you can add effect by “Louder” or “Softer” commands for voice changes. To open a certain app on your Android TV with Google Assistant, the app has to be installed on your Android TV. On this, you can simply say, “Open (Name of App)”.

Suppose you’ve seen the news about certain trending TV shows or movies. With Google Assistant on your Android TV, you’ll always stay updated. You can simply ask, “Tell me about The Witcher” and Google will do the rest.

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Sony Android TV opening the gate for the new experience

Sony is among the pioneer companies that incorporated Android TV after it was introduced in 2014. Since then, Sony has been using Android TV as the Software Glue for its different brands of Smart TVs. A great example is the famous Bravia XR Master Series Z9J.  

Sony’s models of Android TVs come with different qualities and features that are similar but are not the same. You’ll find them in different sizes like 34–75 inches. The Full-Array LED and OLED technologies on Sony Android TVs will give you the experience of high-quality pictures and an amazing display of content from all over the internet. With Sony Android TV, you can stream more than 700,000 movies and episodes from different streaming platforms like Netflix.

Sony Android TV offers hands-free voice search. Like all other Android TV, they come with voice search which allows the use of Google Assistant. And not only Google Assistant the Sony Android TV can control all smart accessories connect your Sony Android TV with other devices. By simple commands, you may experience the king’s life. Everything will be done just by a few commands. There is a lot to brag about these Sony Android TVs, but let’s look into something else now.

Smart TV vs. Android TV: Which is the best option?

The discussion about what is the best between Smart TV vs. Android TV. Have been rolling around for years. Android TV has its qualities and so are Smart TVs. They also have their shortcomings which differ from one scenario to another. The following are the differences between Smart TV and Android TV. But, before we get deep into this discussion, Let’s first know their meaning.

Smart TV can connect to the internet and do more than just display images (streaming online content). And its counterpart is a Smart TV Operating System based on Android, mostly used as the software glue for many brands of Smart TVs. For this, we came to know that every Android TV is a Smart TV. But not every Smart TV is an Android TV. These are other areas in which Smart TV and Android TV are different.


Smart TVs are easier to navigate than Android TV. This is supported by the User Interface used to make these TVs. Smart TV is not so complicated as Android TV as it requires Android Ecosystem to take advantage of the whole Android TV platform. And this is the reason why Smart TV is faster in performance compared to Android.  


There are several manufacturers for smart TVs than there are for Android TVs. This is because Google created the Android TV platform. To obtain Google’s approval to create Android TV, you must first comply with their standards. Sony and Sharp have already begun producing Android TV, and there are only a few producers of Android TV on the market right now.

App Library

With Smart TV, you can only have access to a limited pool of Apps. Things are different on Android TV, there are many options and one can access many Apps like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, Ted, Google Podcast and, many others.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant on Android TV is quite useful, and it’s an alternative to the remote control for your Android TV. However, because all Android TVs lack Google Assistant, the majority of Smart TVs do not. You may now converse with Google via Samsung’s current smart TV.

To sum up, there are many differences between Smart TV and Android TV and they’ll keep increasing as far as technological discoveries keep on appearing. Due to this, Android TV vs. Smart TV may turn into an endless discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Android TV and Smart TV

Can you play games on Android TV?

Yes. Android TV supports single-player and multiplayer gaming. It gives different options like playing online games and offline. Gaming consoles like Gamepads can connect up to 4 players at one time. And you can play one level on your phone and finish the rest on your Android TV, as Google Play Games saves your progress all the time.

How to close applications on Android TV?

You do not need to close applications on Android Operating Systems the same way you do on a desktop Operating System. The Operating System is a self-management tool. If it senses any issue or even a memory is running low. It’ll automatically close down an app.  You can go to Settings > Applications > (App Name) > Force to stop. Or you can press the Home button, select an App that you want to close and then press X-button.

How to install Apps on Android TV?  

This is easy. Open Google Play Store head on the listing. Find an app that you need and select Install. However, Android TV Boxes come with a set version of the Google Play Store. This may result in a different user experience if you were using the web version. But, the process is still the same.

How to update Android TV?

Like any other OS. Android TV OS update will pop up a message when an update is available. Using that message/direct link, you’ll update your system. But, in case you miss that message accidentally. You’ll have to navigate to Setting > Device > About > System Upgrade. For that, you’ll be updated in a matter of minutes.

Can I get What’s App on Smart TV?

Like I’ve said earlier. Not all Apps can be accessed with your TV. Yes, you’ll have access to different Apps on your Smart TV, but most of them will be already downloaded on your TV soon after you buy it. Some of the Apps you can start enjoying after buying your TV are Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, and More.

Does Smart TV need Antivirus?

A Smart TV is practically a computer. For this, yes it can be infected by a virus. But, from a practical point of view, you’ll find it hard to run the Anti-virus because the Smart TV lacks the Antivirus system. Maybe you should hack your TV by yourself and install your Operating System to run Antivirus on your TV. 

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