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High-Performance gaming can take place only when an Alienware Keyboard is in play

Alienware has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world, looking at the gadgets they have produced, PCs, laptops, reminds me of why the Dell-owned compare is highly regarded among gaming folks. If you are a PC gaming freak, you have obtained one of Alienware’s gorgeous PC lines the Aurora R7, the Alienware keyboard, pro gaming keyboard, and mouse combo is the perfect blend of accessories that most compliments your PC giving you an ultra-immersive gaming experience.

Their accessories, especially the Alienware pro gaming keyboards, which come with the awesome Alienware RGB light are the type that comes from the fantasy world, not forgetting their beautiful mice. They have such futuristic design and the classic Alienware angles that you would be forgiven to think you have time-traveled into the future. Alienware has featured some exquisite keyboards, like

Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768

Which comes at a very affordable price considering the solid performance and design with which the laptop is built. The Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 comes with the Cherry MX Brown switches which are perfect for a beginner. The keyboard is hefty, sturdy, it is however made of plastic. The gaming keyboard boasts RGB lighting that is customizable over 6 zones on the keyboard.

Alienware Keyboard-Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768

The Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 is innovatively designed, it is perfect for both gaming and typing, the gaming symbol keys are inscribed into the keyboard, making it easy to spot under low lights, making sure that whether you are typing or gaming, you never have a frustrating experience looking for keys under low light, an ideal innovation for those that are sensitive to too many bright lights.

The top right of the keyboard displays one of the first to spot features of the Alienware pro gaming keyboard, there you have a rubber-designed volume roller, making it easy to spot the exact volume you want. Flanked to its left is the mute key and to its right is the Alienware logo which you can use to activate or deactivate the pro gaming keyboard’s backlight, it’s action can also be customized to the keyboard’s control center. With keys made to withstand 50 million keystrokes, you are sure to have Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 with you for a very long time.

The Alienware TactX Keyboard

Remember the keyboard and mouse combo we mentioned earlier, this is the product that provides just that. The keyboard and mouse have a very simple, bland design. It is a keyboard and mouse combo that appears unassuming, but it is a beast of an accessory when it is plugged in and the lights come on. The Alienware TactX comes with very bright backlighting, that is adjustable over two zones on the keyboard and it can be customized to any variant or combination you want.

Alienware Keyboard- The Alienware TactX Keyboard
Alienware Keyboard- The Alienware TactX Keyboard

The macro keys are 6 on the right and 3 on the top of the keyboard, and they can be customized to whichever function you want them to perform. The keyboard also has very well-designed and functional multimedia keys that make it easy to control your music playback, videos, and games using the keyboard. The Alienware TactX keyboard comes with a palm rest, so you can game comfortably.

The Alienware TactX keyboard offers superior and responsive controls. Applying WASD gaming cluster with Anti-Ghosting Technology, there’s no need to worry about signal failure when gunning down your rivals. Also, the keyboard’s response speed far surpasses your usual everyday keyboard.  TactX comes with a toggle that lets you deactivate the Windows keys, this way, the game doesn’t get minimized or terminated if you accidentally press these keys. The keys are underlaid with membrane switches that offer low-profile typing and a longer usage cycle.

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The Alienware AW568

At first glance, you’d think you have in front of you a very regular keyboard because what differentiates isn’t much, at least on the surface. Aside from the fact that it is an Alienware RGB keyboard, the Alienware AW568 has the usual macro keys and the trademark Alienware angular design, these are the notable differences. Other than that, it looks so much like a bulky black everyday peripheral. Moreover, the keyboard RGB is much subtle, you’d barely notice its illumination in a well-lit room.

The Alienware keyboard AW568

It is in its use though, that you discover the real power and difference, it is when you realize you have a keyboard that is dedicated to giving you an addictive gaming experience. The Alienware AW568 has a very bouncy keyboard, that’s very sweet for gaming. It comes with the Kailh brown switches, a very close alternative to the more expensive cherry switches, but it can be a little bit stiff during gaming sessions, well not that you’ll notice during the heat of gaming battles.

The keys are fully customizable, the RGB lighting on the keyboard can also be customized. The keyboard has the trademark Alienware logo on the top right, beaming with lights too, there are also media keys, to mute sounds, increase and decrease sounds too. Overall Alienware AW568 RGB keyboard offers monstrous performance for gaming.

Alienware AW410K Gaming Keyboard

The Alienware AW410K pro gaming keyboard was produced with one eye on the pure gaming experience and the other on making the keyboard suitable and seamless to use for normal tasks. The macro keys are absent on this one, the volume roller was also replaced with the volume up key, volume down key and there is a mic button. The idea is to make everything accessible on the fly even while you game.

Alienware Keyboard- AW410K Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard is very soft and bouncy, but very quiet, thanks to the Cherry MX Brown switches. The keys are mounted on a metal top plate, and it is floaty, so it is very easy to clean without damaging the keys. The keys are also very durable as they are touted to withstand up to 100 million keystrokes. The Alienware AW410k keyboard light boasts one of the most beautiful color combinations. The AlienFX per-key RGB lighting on the keyboard offers 16.8 million colors.

The Alienware AW410k gaming keyboard is likewise perfectly handy for your keyboard mouse combo, the pro gaming keyboard comes with an integrated USB passthrough. You can plug in your mouse, even your headset and smartphones, saving enough enormous USB port space on your computer or laptop. The keyboard cable is braided, making sure it doesn’t easily get tangled or damaged.

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Alienware guarantees one thing, whichever Alienware keyboard variant you decide to go with, it will offer you the best gaming performance. They make sure this particular aspect of their keyboard design is prioritized.


How to change Alienware keyboard color?

Launch the Alienware Control Centre, click the Alien fx section, the keyboard is split into zones, click each zone and select the color you want.

How to turn on Alienware keyboard lights?

Hold down the FN key and press F12.

How to clean the Alienware laptop keyboard?

Apply alcohol to some q-tips and use them to rub the edge of the keys, the q-tips don’t need to be soaked in alcohol.

How to turn off Alienware keyboard lights?

Hold down the FN key and press F12.

How to change Alienware keyboard color windows 10?

Launch the Alienware control center, click the Alien fx section, the keyboard is split into zones, click each zone and select the color you want.

How can you make your Alienware TactX keyboard rainbow-colored?

Launch the Alienware Control Centre, select lighting, then select all keys, scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen, and select rainbow width.

Are Alienware keyboards good?

Alienware keyboards are great.

What keyboard comes with Alienware?

The keyboard that comes with Alienware are primarily gaming keyboards.

How much is an Alienware keyboard?

Alienware keyboards range from $80 to $150 depending on the features of said keyboard.

How do I fix my Alienware keyboard?

It is advisable to take faulty keyboards to the Dell office or nearby engineers for fixing, especially if you don’t know anything about fixing keyboards, to avoid further, irreparable damage to your Alienware keyboard.

How do I unlock my Alienware keyboard?

Unlock your Alienware keyboard by holding down the SHIFT key for 8 seconds to disable the Filter keys or disable the Filter Keys by accessing your system’s control panel.

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