Lenovo 300e Chromebook

Why Is Lenovo 300e Chromebook Worth The Price Tag?

Chromebooks are laptops that are specifically designed to save a person’s time and money. Not only are they less expensive than traditional laptops, but they also do not require any installation of an operating system. These laptops can be booted up in seconds and allow for maximum productivity because of their seamless integration with the Google ecosystem. You must be thinking about what exactly makes the Lenovo 300e Chromebook different from other laptops? Let’s get to know a few things before diving deep into the features and specialties of this machine. 

Chromebooks are not stand-alone computers; instead, they are online computer systems that boot up in seconds. However, the processor and memory of the Chromebooks are powerful enough to handle the hardware specifications that Google’s Chrome OS computer system provides. The operating system runs on top of a Linux-based operating system. 

Although Chromebooks do not require an installation of Windows or Mac, they do allow the user to connect wirelessly to a Google Drive account or through Guest Mode. If a user wants to have more storage space for files, apps, and movies he/she can connect the Chromebook to an external drive using a USB port.

Many people don’t understand why Google decided to develop this type of computer system. This is because most people find no usage of laptops that cannot be used without internet access. Lenovo 300e Chromebook was created to bridge the gap between Macs, Windows laptops, and tablets. 

Nowadays, many people are looking for a computer that is more portable than a tablet and more powerful than a smartphone. With the Lenovo 300e Chromebook, you can type documents, send email messages, play online games, watch YouTube videos, edit spreadsheets, listen to music albums in an offline mode or when there’s no Wi-Fi access.

Lenovo 300e Chromebook Features

Lenovo is making waves in the laptop industry by releasing their low-cost, high-performance, Chromebook called the 300e. To find out if this can be your next laptop, keep scrolling to find our review of the device’s features and specs below!

Designed for schoolers with budget constraints, this machine is made with affordability in mind. Because it is manufactured by Lenovo, it comes complete with a number of powerful features that will stretch students’ budgets and put them ahead of their peers. What else does this affordable laptop offer? Let’s find out!

This Lenovo 300e Chromebook weighs less than 5 pounds and comes with a touch screen and a 360-degree hinge, helping users flip the screen for use in both tablet and laptop modes. Lenovo says that students will be able to write, draw or paint using the device with its rubber grip that is designed to eliminate fingerprints and smudges. This Chromebook also allows for multiple user accounts, which helps keep personal files private by default.

This particular model offers a touch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 and is powered by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. You can choose between either a touchscreen or a keyboard that is equipped with hotkeys for easy access. This laptop offers an SD card reader, an HDMI output, and two USB ports for power and data transfer.

Performance: One of the most important factors that make this 300e Chromebook is its modest Celeron processor that allows you to do a lot with 4GBs of RAM as well as 16GB built-in storage. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, but it does have HDMI and USB-C inputs. Being able to share documents, audio/visual presentations, and other files from this Chromebook is also great. Overall, the Lenovo 300e Chromebook has been doing great in our tests.

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Lenovo 300e Chromebook Benefits

The Lenovo 300e Chromebook has many benefits. Some of the benefits of Lenovo 300e Chromebook are: 

1. Price: The cost of a Chromebook is less than other laptops. This makes them very attractive to students by making school supplies easier to afford. 

2. Battery life: Lenovo 300e Chromebook has a battery life of 12 hours on a single charge on average. This is due to the energy-efficient Intel Pentium processor that is used in many Chromebooks nowadays along with the Chrome operating system that requires little power when compared to other laptops.

3. Speed: The 300e Chromebook has a 7 second boot time. This is possible by using a solid-state drive.

4. Security: Chromebooks have the security of Google, which has been known to be reliable in keeping user data safe. Since this is a cloud-based machine, all the user data is stored in the cloud and could be accessed from any device anywhere. Google’s multiple layers of security keep things safe for users. 

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Lenovo 300e Drawbacks

Like everything 300e also has some disadvantages and these are:

1. Microsoft office does not work: You cannot use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook or any other Chrome OS device.

2. Interface: It has a confusing interface and it is hard to understand for beginners because there is no help guide on the screen to help you work with the Chromebook.

3. Memory: There are only 16GB of internal memory available, which is not enough if you need to store lots of videos, music, and movies as well as your other files on your laptop.

4. No photoshop: You cannot edit your pictures or create any graphics on a Chromebook.

5. Storage: The 16GB of available memory is not enough to install all the applications you may have used, so you should carry an external hard drive if you want to use it for storing lots of media files.

6. No optical device: The Lenovo 300e Chromebook does not have an optical device that scans the document as well as any kind of scanner to work with.

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Lenovo 300e Chromebook is worth buying because it has great specifications. Moreover, it has a premium aluminum design that makes the laptop light and easy to carry, has good battery life, and has an affordable price tag. This 300e Chromebook can fulfill the need in schools and it is not a luxury item. This Chromebook is the best option for students, especially those who are looking for a cheap laptop for school. This cheap laptop is perfect both for personal and business use.

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